The Future Embodied Science Fiction Anthology Submissions Deadline 3/31/2013

The Future Embodied – An anthology of speculative stories exploring how science and technology might change our bodies and what it means to be human.
The editors are looking for character-driven, near-future stories of how the trajectory of current science and technology could impact our daily lives and choices. Social sciences and as-yet-untested or anecdotal discoveries are fair game. If an idea or discovery has the potential to impact human behavior and bodies, it could make a great story.

The Future Embodied anthology is looking for submissions and our rate is now 3 cents a word thanks to Kickstarter.  The deadline is 3/31/2013.  Check out the guidelines here:
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The Future Embodied Science Fiction Anthology Kickstarter


The Future Embodied is an anthology of speculative stories exploring how science and technology might change our bodies and what it means to be human. This anthology will be available in e-book and Print On Demand format. Please consider supporting our Kickstarter to find this project.  You can check us out here:

The Future Embodied: The Evolution of the Human Body Approx. 60000 words)
Publication Date: ecember 2013 
Publisher: imian Publishing 
Guest-Star Writers:Caitlin R Kiernan</a> n William F. Nolan

Open submission anthologies offer opportunities for new and existing voices in Science Fiction to speak to a common theme. We believe that there is a market for fiction that merges concepts from hard science fiction, the social sciences, and the drama of real human experience.


The Future Embodied Anthology Kickstarter

The Future Embodied is an anthology of speculative stories exploring how science and technology might change our bodies and what it means to be human. This anthology will be available in e-book and Print On Demand format.

We want to increase our payment to our writers from 1 cent a word to 3 cents a word.  We can do this with your help.

Check out our Kickstarter at

Kickstarter Campaign for The Future Embodied Anthology is Live

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The Future Embodied – An anthology of speculative stories exploring how science and technology might change our bodies and what it means to be human.

Submissions open on March 1st, but you can check out our guidelines.  Currently, our pay-rate is 1 cent a word.  We have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the author's pay from 1 cent a word to 3 cents a word.
Please consider supporting the small press and the arts.  Check out the Kickstarter project here to donate to the cause.

MET Lead Writer Position Accepted

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As some of you may have already heard, I've accepted a position as one of the lead writers for Mind's Eye Theatre for the new company By Night Entertainment.  Clearly, I'm over the moon about the news.  It has been difficult to contain my excitement.  

You can check out the press release below.

By Night

By Night Entertainment Announces Official Licensing Partnership with CCP Games:

New license for Mind’s Eye Theatre returns the World of Darkness to Live-Action Roleplaying

New Orleans LA, USA – By Night Entertainment, LLC, has signed an exclusive worldwide license with CCP Games to produce a new product line for popular live action game franchise Mind’s Eye Theatre.

White Wolf’s Mind’s Eye Theatre debuted in 1993, helping to usher in an entirely new era of immersive and interactive entertainment, and adding a vibrant, interactive dimension to the roleplaying game hobby. Legions of Mind’s Eye Theatre fans around the world have been waiting patiently for an updated version of their favorite Live Action game – and now they’ll get it. A wealth of defining material from over two decades of the iconic World of Darkness game setting will be used as the basis for a new line of Mind’s Eye Theatre products.

“We are all very passionate about the World of Darkness and Mind’s Eye Theatre, and we feel extremely privileged to be given this opportunity to share our enthusiasm with the World of Darkness global fan community,” said By Night Entertainment Creative Director Shane DeFreest.

“No one knows our World of Darkness live action fan community like the team at By Night Entertainment. Mind’s Eye Theatre could not have found better caretakers. We are very excited to see what they do,” said CCP World of Darkness Global Brand Director Greg Fountain.

For more information on upcoming Mind’s Eye Theatre products and By Night Entertainment, go to

Story Publication: The New Gods of the Lost Children

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My short story "The New Gods of the Lost Children" has been reprinted in the new antholog Suffer the Little Children rom Cruentus Libri Press.

Book Description

Girls and boys, have come out to play, The moon doth shine as bright as day; Leave your supper, and leave your sleep, And face the demons from the deep... Cruentus Libri Press brings you sixteen tales of horror and the macabre featuring children facing their fears face on. From old myths to new gods; from bloodthirsty trolls beneath the bridge to the untold horrors of the ball pond, these are stories to inspire any parent to pull their children close and hold them tight. Suffer the Little Children contains stories from the world's finest horror authors, including DJ Cockburn, Jonathan Ward, Deb Eskie, J.A. Grier, Paul Edmonds, Joanna Parypinski, Bryan Best, Randy D. Rubin, Kevin G. Bufton, Gregory J. Wolos, Die Booth, Derek Muk, Paco, Jay Wilburn, John M. McIlveen and Jason Andrew.

Dragonthology Anthology Now Available

Dragonthology is now available on Amazon.   My entry "Unto the Breech" is a Heller Mystery featurin Jonathon Heller during World War I.  (You might easily guess that this story somehow features a dragon.  However, this story also features a cameo appearance by one of my favorite fantasy writers that first inspired my life-long love of dragons aka J. R. R. Tolkien.)

Enter the pages of the Dragonthology. No single story has ever been great enough to contain the mystical, wondrous creature known as the dragon. We assembled the greatest draconian tales and put them between the covers of a single tome to satisfy your hunger for everything dragon. Seven magnificent stories, ranging from science fiction to mystery, await you within.

The Case of the Bloodstone Dragon by G.L. Jackson

A washed up has been, Private Investigator Clark is down to his last $100. That is, until the night a mysterious femme fatale walks through his door weaving a tale of intrigue in hope of recovering an artifact steeped in mystery and danger. What follows is a raucous ride through a little known human and dragon history, played out on the streets of New York City.

Unto the Breach by Jason Andrew

Jonathon Heller uncovers an unusual secret during one of the bloodiest campaigns of World War One in the middle of horrific trench warfare.  Can he convince an ancient dragon that humanity is worthy of life during their darkest hour?

The Dragon of Sullivan Hall by Marian Allen

A dormitory full of fun loving female students, an angry red dragon with a litter full of hungry whelps, and a particular student of Irish descent. This won’t end well for the dragon.

Egg Hunt by Jay Wilburn

A lonely smuggler must make decisions he never dreamt possible in the darkness of space to elude capture and protect his precious cargo of dragon eggs. When one of them hatches, it threatens to damage his ship. Can a person change enough to save a ship, a dragon, and himself?

The Clan by Troy Lambert

Dragons return to the earth and humanity enslaves them with the last remnants of technology of their dying race. Now the technology of old is fading. Will the dragons be able to rise again? Will the humans declare war, or will a peaceful solution be found? It all rests in the hands of an ancient dragon, and a lowly shepherd and his clan.

Dragon Seeks a Wife by Sandra Graves

What happens when a dragon falls ill and is told he will die in a year and a day unless he finds his one true love? The only thing a drago ca do. He sets out on a quest to win the hand of the perfect mate for a dragon–the daughter of the king. Aided by a Quetzal bird sorcerer, he begins his quest. An old fashioned fairy tale with a Meso-American twist.

Darkness Taken by J.A. Campbell

In a land where children are warriors and the only adults are mythical creatures, all are called to fight the Darkness. Til and her dragon partner, Heliodor, complete the perfect Welcome Ceremony, but their joy is short lived. The Dark has slain a unicorn and taken her foal back to the Darklands. Can Til and Heliodor venture where none go and rescue the young unicorn?


2013 Writing Plans and Submission Assessment

I've always felt an infinity for the number 13.  It might be because of my name, but I've never suffered from triskaidekaphobia.

Let me show you how I cut the fat from my stories!  bwa-ha-ha-ha!

This morning, I created a tab for 2013 submissions.  2012 might be over, but it won't be forgotten.  There are nine submissions pending from last year.  A couple of those submissions have my stomach turning into knots due to the anxiety and excitement.

The first three months of 2013 look like they could be quite busy.  I have four short stories to write.  Two of them were requested by the editors.  One of them is for a media property I spent a good deal of time with as a child while eating cereal huddled in front of my grandparents' old TV.  I was asked to submit to a second media property, but with great reluctance  I had to turn them down.  I wasn't quite familiar with the property and it was in a genre I haven't written for a good deal in the past.

There are three anthologies from a particular editor that I would kill to get accepted for.  One of the anthologies has already been submitted for.  I'm working on #2 this afternoon.  This editor is pretty magical and somehow makes me nervous even though he is nothing but kind.  If I manage to get into even one of the anthologies, I will consider it a major victory.

The Secret Project that I've been waiting on for more than a year has started to move forward.  Today, I actually started writing words for a proof of concept chapter.  It felt magical.

The Future Embodied opens for general submissions on March 1st 2013.  I am naturally very excited to be editing again with Mae Empson.  I'm very pleased by the solicited stories thus far.  Next week, Mae and I will have our next formal editor meeting to compare notes, plan our kickstarter, and get ready for general submissions.

In a couple of weeks, I'll be running my interactive writing workshop at Midwinter Gaming Convention.  I need to prepare the exercises and handouts for the targeted anthologies.

Once I clear out a couple of projects, I plan to write a short horror novel titled Salvation Heights.

This is how every writer imagines himself before he starts a project.  This is before the bitter tears.

I am excited and hopeful for the new year.  I look forward to the challenges and pitfalls.  I'm feeling good about the world of possibilities.

Now I just need to sell this next story!


Battling The Green-Eyed Monster: Learning to Use Your Jealousy in a Healthy Way t

A good friend of mine remarked this week that he was amazed that I could feel genuinely happy for the successes of my friends and acquaintances selling stories and that surely such good feelings were a sign of character.

I gave his compliment a good deal of thought over the last week because it bothered me. The year 2012 has been an amazing year for my writing and I have been blessed with a number of amazing opportunities that hard work, aggressive networking, and luck have placed in my path as a writer.


O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-ey'd monster, which doth mock
The meat it feeds on. Othello Act 3, scene 3

I really can’t complain as Papa Ray would say when life was going his way. Except that can’t isn’t really the right word for my situation. I can always find things to complain about. The sad truth is that sometimes I will ignore my own successes and fortunes to wallow in the bitter sting of jealousy.

It took me years to realize that there isn't anything wrong in feeling jealousy over the success of others as long as I understand why I was feeling it and how to control it.


Master your jealousy or your jealousy will master you!

One of my best friends in the world is Mae Empson.  She is a natural storyteller with an amazing gift with words.  We work really well together and so we're co-editing The Future Embodied together.  We have an interest in similar markets and thus we often complete in submissions.  This year, she sold two stories to highly prestigious markets that I desperately wanted to place stories in, but sadly didn't.

Of course, I felt jealousy that she sold two stories to markets that had rejected me.  It didn't matter that Mae and I have shared space on four different anthologies.  It didn't matter that I had sold to other markets and make giant steps in my own career.  Writers compete with each other for readers and slots in prestigious markets.

I felt that sting for a moment and it made me feel like crap.


Next time, he will be mine!!!!

I've always been a jealous person.  I was angry as a child for what I thought the universe owed me.  I used that emotion to shield me and to push myself to do better in school.  I've never been the smartest kid in school, but I was motivated.

If life were a universal role-playing game, we would all have different merits and flaws.  Others will always have different advantages than you.  Some will be prettier.  Others will have more hair.   And yet others will have more privilege and opportunities than you based on gender, the color of their skin, or their family name.

Everyone reading this is human, except for the self-aware AI secretly plotting to become humanities overlords.


Doctor Who?  That's funny!  Silence flesh-slave!

And then I realized that the jealousy was a complement.  Mae had achieved something awesome and she should be celebrated for it.  My jealousy was proof of the awesome.  Becoming aware of said feelings allowed me to control them and to be actually happy for my friend and to further encourage her as she has always done for me.

Some writers treat every other writer in the universe as the enemy.  I imagine that method leads to a sad and lonely life.

HST-1-700x467Want to be bat-shit crazy?  Ask me how?

Chess players try to play against superior players because that is the quickest way to learn.  Watching, reading, and observing better writers can only help you raise your game.

You might feel jealous.  You might feel self-doubt.  That's OK.  Allow yourself to feel that jealousy and use it to motivate you to write more and better.

This isn't a race.  It is a marathon.  You are running against yourself, not anyone else.  If you feel the green-eyed monster gripping you, ask yourself a simple question.  Why?

Are you putting in enough effort to get what you want?  Did you really need to watch that hour-long special about Honey Boo-boo?  Jealousy is really anger towards yourself for not getting what you want.  Use that anger for a better purpose and direct it towards your work.

The vikings had a wise old saying from The Havamal;  Wake early if you want another man's life or land. No lamb for the lazy wolf. No battle's won in bed


The Next Big Thing: Jason Andrew

The Next Big Thing

There's a "blog hop" going on in the horror writing community right now where authors tag each other to answer questions about upcoming projects.

Some very popular authors have been tagged, and somehow I was also tagged.  Thanks to Rose Blackthorn for including me on the fun.  I wrote this a day early because I woke early and I didn't want to drive my wife crazy while she slept.

I have tagged Jason V. BrockRee Soesbee, Matthew Sanderson, Shane Robinson, and Jess Hartley

What is the working title of your book or story?

I finished the sequel of my novel The Highway Way titled A Wicked Messenger.  I plan to let it stew for a couple of months before I start editing.

I'm working on a number of short stories and novellas at the moment.

"Blood Will Have Blood" is a Heller Mystery novella featuring Jonathon Heller on the trial of a blood-thirsty vampire Quincey Morris seeking to turn members of his family.  (This is the Texan character from Bram Stoker's Dracula.)

“A Dream of a Country Cottage” is also a Heller Mystery featuring Jonathon Heller investigating rumors of ghosts preventing the restoration of a civil war plantation in the 1920s.

"The Little Prince of the Outer Darkness” is a Cthulhu Mythos story about a young prince taking a test to see if he is worthy of leading the Cult of Azathoth.

Once the smaller stories are finished, I plan to work on a short horror novel titled Salvation Heights about a young doula named Charlie that accepts an assignment in a small, but wealthy community only to accidently discover a web of seduction and terror that leads to the Esoteric Order of Heavenly Delight.

Where did the idea come from for the book or story?
I often have random ideas when concentrating on other work.  I've learned a trick where I capture it, no matter how nonsensical  in notepad and then at the end of the day I copy everything into a word file I keep on the flash drive in my key chain.  "Blood Will Have Blood" came to me while working on a short story for Suffered from the Night: Queering Stoker's Dracula.

What genre does your book fall under?
My stories tend to fall under Horror and Dark Fantasy.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
I based the appearance of Jonathon Heller on a friend and I'd like to give him some privacy on that score by not naming him.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book or story?

I added this above just to keep everything in order.

Will your book or story be self-published or represented by an agency?
A number of these stories are intended for submission for specific projects so check with me next year.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
An average story usually takes me about a week to write.  A novella can take a month or two, depending upon how long it will be in the end.

What other books or stories would you compare this story to within your genre?
This is kind of a rough question to ask a write.  I try not to peer too much under the hood and focus solely on what I can do to make the story better.

Who or What inspired you to write this book or story?
The Paris Time Capsule article inspired me to write “A Dream of a Country Cottage”

What else about your book or story might pique the reader’s interest?
I've been doing a good deal of researching for these stories.  Thankfully, I have some awesome friends that know lots of cool stuff.  I have a friend that is a hard-core costumer that has been giving me lots of advice as to what a fashionable women  of high birth might be expected to wear in Texas in the 1920 and what would be scandalous.  You would be surprised at the amount of trouble that a silly part of trousers could cause.

Thanks for reading!