Adventures in Bat Country

The Strange Journey of Jason Andrew

Jason Andrew
25 April 1973
Seattle, Washington, United States
Adventures in Fiction with Jason Andrew
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Sanger High School - Sanger CA (1987 - 1990)
Whitworth College - Spokane WA (1990 - 1995)
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Hi. My name is Jason Andrew. I've created this livejournal to chronicle my writing career, but then I started ignoring my personal livejournal and so I’ve just made this one my all around journal.

I've very proud of the fact that I've made a living for almost the past twelve years solely by my writing. Granted, the focus of my time has been technical writing.

In July 2005, my beautiful wife set a fire under my ass and encouraged me to start writing fiction on a regular basis. I've learned to enjoy the journey and in the end you will arrive at the destination.

My writing wiki is located at: http://www.jasonbandrew.com